UV Prints

Use cases

Packages, shop fixtures, building materials, metal, industrial printing, posters, signboards, etc.

Suitable materials

It’s possible to print on media up to 50mm in thickness such as reinforced cardboard, building materials, metal plates, etc.

Full 4-color + white + varnish

In addition to full color output, clear ink can be used to add glossiness to prints and enhance your design. With selective application we can create eye catching designs that express the appeal of your product, whether it’s juicy fruits to luxurious watches. Or let us apply clear ink across the entire surface for an overall glossy, high value-added exterior. We can even add texture by stacking layers of clear ink.

We can also handle the digitization of screen prints.

Print size

Maximum size: 2,500mm×1,300mm

With the addition of cutting is possible for us to create prototype packaging, displays, etc.

UV box

Prepress Output Service

Plate making film /
Picture & drawing film

Output of positive & negative films, plate making film, etc.

Max. Size: 1,000mm×1,500mm

Resolution: 2,540dpi, 4,000dpi

Inkjet Output for Signs

Monochrome or color output

Max. Size: 1,500mm×10m

Resolution: 600dpi

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