Export to Europe and the U.S.

We not only deal in flexographic printing-related materials, but also export general printing-related products, Japanese foodstuffs, and apparel (to the U.S. and Europe).

Japanese products are known worldwide for their exceptional quality, and many consumers have come to rely on their superior function and innovation. Despite this, while Japanese automobiles and home appliances have become ubiquitous, food products and apparel (especially of small to mid-sized manufacturers) are significantly less common. 

One of the largest contributing factors to this, is most Japanese companies’ hyperfocus on the domestic market. Therefore, in addition to our print related business, we have begun building partnerships with domestic producers with the goal of extending their reach abroad. 

If you are a retailer or distributor operating in North America or Europe who is looking to source products from Japanese domestic manufacturers, please feel free to contact us.

TargetJapanese food and apparel manufacturers
RegionNorth American and European markets
FocusSupport for product planning, import compliance, and local sales and promotion centered on the web for sales in Europe and North America