Clear Stamps
Q & A
The world’s most transparent stamps, made in Japan!

We manufacture the world’s best clear stamps by making full use of the technique we have built up with our decades of industry experience. Since the start of 2018 we have worked with many licenses both from Japan and abroad, to create products favored the world over.

From detailed images to fine text, anything is possible

Popular in the U.S., these stamps can reproduce images down to the smallest detail. Precision manufacturing allows you to decorate notebooks and cards with a variety of intricate designs and beloved characters.

Just stick it to a block and stamp away!

To use it, just stick the stamp onto an acrylic block. The special clear resin is naturally adhesive so it can be stuck to and peeled off of the block over and over. No additional adhesives required!

Start stamping with pinpoint accuracy

Since both the resin and stamp block are transparent, you can see through to the paper and position the design perfectly every time. This also has the added bonus of allowing for multicolored stamps where successive details can be stamped accurately over the previous color to build a complete multicolored image.

Pulls apart for easy cleaning

Unlike traditional rubber stamps where a fixed wood or plastic backing can trap water causing damage or mold, clear stamps can be peeled right off their block for easy cleaning.

Space-saving design

Because the stamp can be removed from it’s backing, one block is all you need! No more having to organize drawers full of wooden blocks, store all of your clear stamps together in a fraction of the space.

Are there any handling precautions I should know?

The clear resin material reacts to ultraviolet light, high temperatures, and humidity so we recommend storing your stamps in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. If left in a location with elevated temperatures for a long time, such as a parked car, there is a risk the stamps may melt.

What is the maximum size you can create?

Our current maximum is the quite large 700 mm×1100 mm (27.5”×43”).

Can you mold designs with very minute details?

Yes! While it may not be possible to capture some of the most miniscule details, increases in clear resin technology allow it to replicate even the shading and line work of manga panels. You can also feel confident knowing that our stamps are molded with the industry’s highest degree of visual fidelity currently anywhere in the world.

Is it possible to mold stamps with text such as mail addresses?

We can mold any and all designs provided we have the data for the text and images.

Will the transparency decrease over time?

While dried excess ink and dirt particles can coat the surface of the stamp reducing visibility, gently washing the resin clean should basically return it to it’s original degree of transparency.

Are there any inks which should not be used with clear stamps?

Most general stamp inks can be used however some strong solvent-based inks or specialized application inks may not be suitable.

What happens if you use a non-suitable ink?

Typically, those non-compatible inks will soften the stamps surface causing it to melt or damage the image. This is similar to the type of damage you may see by leaving your stamps in direct sunlight.

Will the stamp’s natural adhesive property decrease over time?

The adhesive properties are linked to the resin material itself so as long as the surface is kept clean then you shouldn’t see any change. If the stamp is unable to stick due to becoming dirty, then you can gently wash it with cool water to return its stickiness.

Do you currently sell direct to private individuals?

Sorry, but we currently only sell to other companies.

How to use a clear stamp

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