Watanabe Gosando provides high-quality flexo plates that can be used for industrial applications such as LCDs or printed antennas.

Flexo printing is characterized by the ability to apply ink evenly over a wide area regardless of the material or type of ink. In addition, alongside improvements to plate materials and manufacturing methods, the print accuracy of resin plates has continued to increase year by year.
In recent years, flexo printing has become widely used for a variety of industrial applications, especially in the electronics field.

Watanabe Gosando is a leader among Japanese companies for the number of plate materials we handle

We have a wealth of experience in making plates with high-definition halftone dots and ruled lines for printed plates, all with the high level of reproducibility needed for electronics applications. Utilizing the know-how we have cultivated so far, we can guide you through selecting the appropriate material from among the abundant selection of materials we handle and ensure you get the necessary precision for your specific application.

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