Watanabe Gosando’s SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of international goals described in the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” which was adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. It consists of 17 goals and 169 targets to realize a sustainable world and pledges to leave no one behind.


Watanabe Gosando Co., Ltd., through our core business of flexographic platemaking, will seek a resolution to societal problems and contribute to the sustainable society which the SDGs aim for.

Watanabe Gosando’s Efforts

Regarding our flexographic platemaking business

We at, Watanabe Gosando, provide our customers with flexographic printing plates which are more environmentally friendly than other printing methods. Flexo printing only requires a small amount of ink with little risk of it leaving residual solvent, making it highly suitable for food and medical contact applications. We have secured a large share in the food and pharmaceutical packaging space where safe materials are essential.

In our flexo platemaking process we use filmless platemaking and Computer to Plate (CTP) technologies to reduce waste. We also use a hydrocarbon solution from DuPont which is said to be the most environmentally friendly solvent on the market. Additionally, we have begun using water-washing platemaking techniques to even further reduce our environmental impact.

Flexo printing has begun attracting attention in Japan as well due to improvements in printing technology as well as environmental considerations like the SDGs.
We not only contribute to reducing environmental impact ourselves, but also have joined and promote various groups whose goal is to achieve the same.

Regarding human development and education

Watanabe Gosando has adopted two training schemes: one to train subject matter experts and the other to develop generalists who can cover positions across departments. In addition, by providing many opportunities to learn, grow, and actively participate we aim to achieve employee job satisfaction while also ensuring our company’s continued growth and reinvigoration.
・In-house training program
・Skill certification program
・Support for participation in external seminars
・English lessons
・Semi-annual target management and evaluation system that recognizes individual effort

As part of our effort to create a comfortable workplace and support work-life balance we’ve implemented staggered commuting hours and telework.

As an in-house commendation system we have implemented an improvement proposal reward and an annual Gold Player award voted on by employees. These not only increases employee motivation but also leads to new technology development, increased productivity, and lossreduction.


A healthy and environmentally friendly workplace

At Watanabe Gosando we have implemented multiple policies to improve employee health:
・Support for sports
・Regular health checkups
・Distributing food and beverages with functional claims to all employees

By actively encouraging the use of web conferences we aim to reduce travel time, increase efficiency, and reduce CO2 emissions associated with traveling.

Other initiatives we currently employ are:
・Data transmission with customers via a paperless system
・Use of low energy LEDs for all of our offices and factory 
・Replacement of all company cars with hybrid vehicles