Resin Printing Plates

Watanabe Gosando continues to pursue the highest standard of printing reproducibility.

Our varnish coated plates can meet your needs for even the most accurate of registration marks.

Allow us to put our experience to work! Feel free to consult with us about making you exceptional quality clear stamps.

Sleeve shaped plates used for endless printing. Both seamless and pattern joined versions are available.

A sheet of low hardness, high tack resin perfect for catching dust and other aerial particulates.

We can propose resin plate materials that are compatible with a variety of coating agents.

We can provide quality flexo printing plates suited for industrial uses.

Alongside flexo plates we also produce precise resin letterpress plates

Design・DTP・Supplementary Materials・Various Services

Our company is proud to offer a state-of-the-art laser cleaning service for your anilox rolls and gravure print cylinders.

Our company can output high-definition film at the largest size available in Japan.

As “masters of all things flexo”, we can produce accurate designs without the need for time consuming revisions

With the addition of cutting, we can also produce prototype packages.

We can offer process colors as well as flexo-optimized color proofs.

Plate cleaning agents, various tapes, cushion material, etc.