In our effort to live in harmony with the world around us, Watanabe Gosando Co., Ltd. has implemented the following environmental initiatives in our daily operations.


We make confirmation with customers as paperless as possible and are actively implementing an electronic proof confirmation system to generate even less paper waste.

CTP Fabrication

In our plate making process we promote filmless and CTP  (computer to plate) fabrication to reduce waste from intermediary materials. We operate 4 large CTP machines on a daily basis, the largest number in the industry.

Waste Reduction

More than 90% of our flexo plate making uses DuPont’s Cylosol solvent, which is recyclable and said to be the most environmentally friendly solvent in the industry. In addition, we actively incorporate water washable resin materials such as Asahi Kasei’s APR Tenaflex and AWP to further reduce solvent waste.

Energy Efficiency

All floors in our offices, factory, and affiliated companies use LED lighting to reduce energy consumption.

Emission Reduction

All of our company vehicles are hybridized to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.